How to uninstall extension

How to completely remove extension

  1. First please edit app/etc/modules/Php4u_BlastSearchLucene.xml file and change "true" to "false" (3 times in the file)
  2. Clear the cache in Magento (System -> Cache Management)
  3. Confirm that System -> Blast Search Diagnozing entry does not exist anymore
  4. Remove all files which belongs to the extension in app/code/community/Php4u, etc/modules/Php4u*.xml, app/design etc
  5. Run SQL: DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE code = 'blastlucenesearch_setup';
  6. Delete table - catalogsearch_report - DROP TABLE `catalogsearch_report`;
  7. Go to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes and remove "lucene_position" and "lucene_indexed" atributes


That should be it


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