How to reindex products (Full reindex) via Admin

This article is for extension version and above

Make sure that you have full database backup before doing anything. Check if backup was created properly.

If you prefer to reindex via SSH - read here

  1. Login to your magento admin
  2. Navigate to System -> Blast Diagnozing page 
  3. Find store you want to reindex and click "X" next to it to mark all products as require indexing
  4. Confirm that number of products processed is 0 for selected store(s)
  5. Delete indexer folder - the one specified in the table
  6. Go to System -> Indexers Management
  7. Reindex Lucene Search (it might time out if you have large catalog so you can do this step via SSH)
  8. Confirm on diagnozing page that number of products processed match your number of products under Catalog -> Manage Products


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