Too many open files - error

Error while reindexing :

PHP Warning: include(Zend/Log/Exception.php): failed to open stream: Too many open files in ....


This means that on your server there is limit set how many files can be opened in the same time
Please contact your hosting provider to increate that limit or try alternative method below:

This article is for extension from and above

Lucene when indexing is producing large number of files, then in optimizing process lucene is merging them into few.
It is purely problem with operating system filelimits and can be adjusted by system administrator (see resources at the end of the article).

What do to:
1) disable extension on configuration screen
2) remove all subfolders in var/indexer/
3) mark all stores as unprocessed
   php shell/lucene-tool.php --mark_unprocessed 1
   php shell/lucene-tool.php --mark_unprocessed 2
   php shell/lucene-tool.php --mark_unprocessed 3
4) set "Run optimize index every n document" to 1000 documents - this will increase indexing time but will optimise index more often
5) php shell/indexer.php --reindex rebuild_search_index_lucene
6) enable extension in the configuration
monitor indexing process for errors

if it fails again then change "Run optimize index every n document" to lower number and start again






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