How to upgrade to latest version of the extension?

Obtain latest version of the module from us by creating new ticket

  • State your payPal transaction ID
  • Domain where your store was located
  • Email used for purchase


The carefully follow:

  1. Please do make full database and filesystem backup before proceeding (just in case something goes wrong)
  2. Disable caching in magento completely (System -> Cache Management) to aviod any problems
  3. Disable module in admin screenoff-module.jpg
  4. Replace files with new ones (or you can uninstall module and install again new version) - if you remove extension indexer files and data in db stays intact
  5. Run SQL: DELETE FROM core_resource where code = 'blastlucenesearch_setup';
  6. Clear var/cache folder
  7. Remove var/indexer folder with all subfolders
  8. Check on Self-diagnozing Page (Admin > BlastSearchLucene->Diagnostics) if module version is OK
  9. Disable "indexing only new products" in module admin screen
  10. Reindex whole catalogue again (via SSH or Web browser)
  11. Enable "indexing only new products"
  12. Check on Self-diagnozing Page (Admin > System -> BlastSearchLucene or Admin -> BlastSearch Lucene for ext v.1.4.3 and below) if number of products indexed is OK - see here
  13. Enable cache
  14. Enable module on frontend
  15. Check on frontend that search works
  16. Check on Self-diagnozing Page (Admin > BlastSearchLucene->Diagnostics) that in the log you see corresponding search entries





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