Version released

With version we are done:


Index products too high

fixed problem with number of indexed products was too high, when product Id was not added to the index

When setting "Add product Id to the index" was set to NO, it was causing index to not remove products from index and doing duplicates, which might lead to

increased index size, incorrect data being index and slowness of the search (as data was duplicated)


Second and Third pass relevancy

fixed relevancy for second and third pass

If you are using setting to append second / third pass to the results, it could happen that relevancy of those will be higher than exact matches



added session id to the log

There is session Id added to the log, so you can recognize same users not only by IP but by using session Ids as well. This might be helpful for grep or log analysers



If you have "Add product ID to index" set to NO (default is YES), you must completely remove index, mark products as unprocessed and reindex - how to do that?





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