Version released

We have reached another milestone and by listening to your comments we had improved our product to better suit your needs - how to upgrade?

Change log:
– improved support for hyphens in queries
– when _cat_id passed it will searching within that category
– messages cleanup
- changed synonims feature so it searches for both keywords (GTA or GRAND THEFT AUTO) in same time
– added admin notifications
– added beta feature to add category names to the index
– added fix for second pass to correctly query OR searches
– option to disable magento truncating search results
– experimental lucene-tool.php initial indexer fixed for
– fixed dataflow profile export for lucene position attribute
– experimental new reindexer via commandline
– config option to disable magento search caching
– improved hypens handling for indexing and searching
– index creation for IIS7 fixed
– utf8 for french characters fixed
– added log info when results from cache
– fixed notice with index on PHP 5.3.x
– added feature to run index optimisation every “n” document indexed. This will help to reduce number of files created in index folder.
– fixed disabling third pass (when second is disabled)
– added searching by tags supported
– fixed product positioner on some installations
– added word synonims support
– if products were removed from db, still results are delivered
– words remover fixed
– product id logged when indexing
– log can be switched off
– maximum number of words used from magento settings
– cli tool improvements
– cli tool preparation for integration with magmi plugin
– if query is shorter than 3 characters, lucene still will search
– stemmer fix for shorter than 3 characters terms

– added fix for EE and where indexer mode was ignored

– added shell script to clear index and run other commands (1.5.x only)

– added list of words to remove from query

– added way of appending results of WILDCARD and FUZZY searches

– english stemmer improved

– self-diagnozing page – moved under System (from top navigation to save space)


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